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New training for parents and carers, 2020

Announcing our new courses for 2020 designed to support adoptive parents, foster carers, special guardians and kinship carers to parent their child therapeutically. Each course provides life-changing practical techniques and skills as well as an understanding of how trauma affects all aspects of a child’s development. Click on the links below to find out more:

See our full list of courses for parents and carers here

Training for Social Workers – Therapeutic Life Story Work

Are you working with adopted or looked after children?

We still have spaces on our Therapeutic Life Story Work course running 23 to 25 April. This professional development training will give you a framework and the confidence to address difficult issues from the past with traumatised children. The course will also give you the ability to use non-verbal and creative arts to help children express difficult and complex feelings, plus guidance on how to use life story work to support facilitated contact.
Find out more about our professional development training here.

New Professional Development and Parent Education programme 2019 

Family Futures 2019 training – now available to book online

“Extremely inspiring. I really cannot wait to start the preparation and use the resources and strategies of the course to start Life Story work.”
Our training this year for professionals, parents, carers and special guardians is based on our research, and clinical practice. All our trainers have specialist knowledge, expertise and experience of child development and will focus on giving you practical tips and techniques to use and share with others. Have a look at our list of courses for 2019 below and click on the title link to find out more or to book your place.

Parent education training can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund. You need to make an application through your local authority adoption support service for this funding. If you have any queries about booking training, please contact Claire on 020 7354 4161 or email us.

From Hindsight to Mindsight – the practical application of the neuro-sequential,  NPP approach to the everyday practice of working with Developmentally Traumatised Children
14, 15, 16 & 30 May 2019
For social workers, therapists and psychologists
 Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level Two
4 to 7 February 2019
For therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. Dr Dan Hughes will deliver this training on his treatment model which involves working with a child and their family to improve attachment relationships.
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level One
11 to 14 November 2019        Trainer: Dr Dan Hughes

  Trainers are UK-based & Certified Theraplay therapists, supervisors and trainers. Theraplay courses are for psychologists and psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech and language therapists, counsellors, adoption and post-adoption counsellors, family therapists, early childhood & developmental specialists and teachers.

Theraplay Level One and Group Theraplay
1 to 5 April 2019

Group Theraplay
2 to 3 May 2019

Theraplay Level Two
25 to 27 November 2019

 Therapeutic Life Story Work
23 to 25 April 2019
For social workers working with adopted and Looked After children
 Siblings Together or Apart
7 to 8 May 2019
Social workers in Looked After children, fostering and adoption teams; adoption and fostering team managers; clinical psychologists, paediatric occupational therapists, therapists, solicitors, panel members, adoption support agency service providers, psychiatrists, paediatricians and teachers

 The Great Behaviour Breakdown. Bryan Post’s follow up to Beyond Consequences

3, 4 & 18 June 2019
For adoptive parents, prospective adopters awaiting placements, foster carers, social workers (Adoption, Fostering), teachers, health visitors, parents of abused/traumatised children.


“Totally unlike any training content of any course I’ve done”

Don’t miss our courses for parents coming up soon

“ Gives a new perspective and understanding of some behaviours. Easy to see how I could make some simple changes.”


Parenting with Theraplay, Somatic Experience and DDP principles of PACE, 11 April 2018

The Great Behaviour Breakdown Bryan Post’s follow-up to Beyond Consequences13, 14 & 27 June 2018

Helping Fostered Children Transition to a New Family19 to 20 June 2018

Making Sense of My Child – A day on Sensory Integration10 July 2018

Adult Attachment Style – How your own upbringing will influence your parenting style11 July 2018

Relationships and Networks6 September 2018

The Impact of Trauma in Infancy on Attachment and Development9 & 10 October 2018

Parent education programmes can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund. You need to make an application through your local authority adoption support service for this funding.

To book a place on one of these courses, visit our Parent Education courses at Family Futures page.

If you have a query, please contact Angela on 020 7354 4161 or email us.



Simple therapeutic techniques

Strapped for time, space and equipment? Dee Bamford, Senior Practitioner and Integrative Arts Psychotherapist at Family Futures, says there are a range of simple techniques that professionals can use to help unlock a child’s inner world.

Professionals working with adopted or fostered children often feel they don’t have the space, time or equipment to carry out the work that would give them a full understanding of a child’s range of experiences, hopes and dreams.

We know talking to a child may not give the whole picture of what is really going on in their minds, and that much of their experience may be locked in their bodies or extremely hard for them to articulate.

We want to help them manage these feelings and behaviour, to think about and make meaning of their experiences. But when words are not enough, what do we do?

Read More…

Family Futures Launch Parenting from Back to Front- A Parent Education programme

Family Futures are delighted to introduce a fully comprehensive training programme available to adoptive parents and foster carers, which will be released in 2016 and run in fortnightly sessions at Family Futures. Parents and Carers will receive in total 9 days of training plus the option to receive on-going support. This parent education programme can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund- you just need to make an application through your local authority adoption support service which is easy to do. Please contact us on 020 7354 4161 or email if you would like further information. Local Authorities and organisations can also buy this package to run in-house. Please download the full brochure here which will explain the format, structure, aims and objectives of this programme.   Contact or ring 020 7354 4161 to discuss your options or if you have any questions.

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