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Statement of purpose

Family Futures CIC is registered as a voluntary adoption agency to provide adoption services within the requirements of:

  • The Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013
  • Statutory Guidance on Adoption – 2013 & 2014
  • The Adoption Agencies (Panel and Consequential Amendments) Regulations 2012
  • The Adoption Agencies and Independent Review of Determinations (Amendment) Regulations 2011
  • The Adoption: National Minimum Standards 2011
  • Adoption: national minimum standards DfE July 2014
  • The Adoption and Children Act 2002
  • The Voluntary  Adoption  Agencies  and  the  Adoption  Agencies  (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2003
  • The Adoption Agencies Regulations 2005
  • The Adoption Support Service Regulations 2005
  • The Restriction on the Preparation of Adoption reports Regulations 2005
  • The Suitability of Adopters Regulations 2005

Family Futures CIC is a Voluntary Adoption Agency which has the following primary aims:

  • To provide a post-placement and post-adoption integrated, comprehensive and multi- disciplinary assessment and treatment service, utilising research based, pioneering therapeutic approaches
  • To recruit,  prepare  and  approve  prospective  adoptive  parents  for  the  in-care population of older, traumatised children
  • To provide assessment and treatment services to children in Foster Care
  • To provide an assessment and treatment service to children who have experienced some form of trauma in infancy or childhood
  • To establish a reputation for providing nationwide training, disseminating a body of expertise and knowledge on complex issues within the field of fostering and adoption
  • In adoption to offer a nationwide consultation service which hopes to inform policy and practice

Family Futures’ Adoption Agency believes in, and actively promotes, the National Minimum Standards for Adoption Agencies and supports the Governments’ Adoption reform initiatives.

Mission Statement

Family Futures CIC prides itself on offering the first Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy (NPP) assessment and treatment programme and an adoption service designed for the 21st Century. Family Futures CIC is committed to innovation based on theory and research from the human sciences.

Family Futures CIC provides an Adoption and Post Placement/ Post Adoption service to children and their families around the country as well as to professionals seeking advice, consultation and training. Treatment services are also available to Looked After Children in foster care or in special guardianship placements or kinship care as well as children living with their birth families. We intend to pass on what we have learned from our work to other agencies, professionals and parents through our training programmes.

Family Futures CIC principles are as follows:

  • Every child has a right to grow up in a stable, nurturing family environment
  • The welfare of children is our fundamental consideration
  • We endeavour to ensure that our services are as inclusive as possible so that anyone feels welcome and is enabled to use our service to the full by creating a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Every child and family has a right to equal opportunities throughout their life regardless of gender, ethnic origin, disability, culture, religion, language and sexual orientation
  • Throughout our contact with children, their views, wishes and feelings will be listened to and are considered of paramount importance
  • Every child, parent and family has a right to the highest standard of professional practice based on the most up to date theory and research
  • We work collaboratively and openly with parents and families, advocating on their behalf
  • We avoid pathologising parents and avoid the blame culture that often surrounds families in difficulty
  • We work in collaboration with the family’s professional and wider network
  • Our service is designed to ensure that appropriate weight is given to post-placement support as well as preparation and assessment because we believe that this is how families can be sustained
  • We have a holistic approach to child and family development that encompasses all aspects of individual and family functioning
  • We believe that complex systems require complex support packages and systemic therapeutic solutions
  • We believe that in order to provide a service of excellence we need to invest heavily as an agency in staff support and training
  • We believe that Family Futures CIC should continue to invest in developing its service and ensure that the public money is spent in a way that guarantees best value
  • We believe that an integrated team approach with therapy staff and administrative staff collaborating is key to a good service
  • We believe that we must endeavour to ensure the future sustainability of the organisation as we have a moral commitment to the families with whom we work with not only now but into the future
  • We endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint and to recycle as much as we can

Services we provide:

  • i-Adopt – An Adoption Service for people wishing to adopt and children needing to be adopted
  • An Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary NPP Assessment and Treatment Service for children who have been developmentally traumatised, designed to enable them to form secure attachments to the families currently caring for them
  • An Education and Professional Development Service which provides courses, workshops and conferences on key aspects of the latest developments for practitioners working with traumatised children and their families, as well as a Consultancy Service for Local Authorities and agencies which require advice from experts in the field of family placement and child therapy

Organisational Chart

[This is currently being updated]

Safeguarding and complaints

For a copy of our safeguarding and complaints procedures please visit our website pages via the links below or contact our office by phone (0207 354 4161) or by email.

Child Protection Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Children

Care and Control Policy and Procedures

Complaints Procedure

All prospective adopters are given details of the Independent Reviewing Mechanism.

Children’s Guides

Family Futures CIC provides all children coming to Family Futures CIC with a guide that is relevant to their care status and age. Please refer to our website to read our children’s guides

Staff List

See website for staff list.

Quality Assurance

This is provided and maintained by an internal process of case supervision and consultation for therapy services:

  • Regular Supervision and Case Consultation
  • Case Consultation – 6 monthly case consultations, including comments from parents and children
  • Annual Service User anonymous service evaluation
  • Re-Testing and Research programme
  • A Young People’s focus group

For the Adoption Service:

  • Regular case supervision with Service Manager
  • Regular team meetings and case discussions
  • Consultations with the Agency Advisor ? Panel Approval Process
  • Agency decision-maker
  • Participation in LAC reviews for newly placed children

Education and Professional Development Service:

  • Every participant is asked to complete a feedback form evaluating the content of the course, its presentation, the quality of the handbook and the venue

For the agency service as a whole:

  • Family Futures CIC Independent Person, Roger Weissman carries out onsite inspections
  • Annual agency reviews and data collection for Ofsted and CVAA
  • Annual Strategic Planning Meetings to review policies practice and strategic planning
  • Registered Manager with the Agency Administrator are responsible for updating Agency Policy and Procedures in the light of legislative and regulation changes

Our Governance

Responsible Individual: Michael Kerman.

Registered Manager: Jay Vaughan, Drama Therapist M.A. DPP, SEP, Theraplay Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer. NVQ 4 Management. More than 25 years of experience in the field of adoption.

Family Futures CIC 3 & 4 Floral Place, 7-9 Northampton Grove, London, N1 2PL T: 0207 354 4161

Company Solicitors: Russell-Cooke Solicitors, 2 Putney Hill, London, SW15 6AB T: 020 8789 9111

Company Accountants and Family Futures’ Registered Address: Simpson Wreford & Co, Wellesley House, Duke of Wellington Avenue, London, SE18 6SS T: 020 8317 6460

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