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Complaints procedure

We try to do our best but sometimes we get it wrong. If you feel this has been the case please tell us.

Complaints Policy

Family Futures’ Complaints Policy was developed specifically to embrace the following principles:

• All service users will have access to the policy, including children and young people who have a separate complaints policy and procedure. Children and young people can also read further information about how Family Futures works with service users
• The policy will be transparent
• Complaints will be handled with efficiency and concluded within 28 days
• Complainants will have the right of appeal
• Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages.


Stage One - Informal

If a parent, guardian or i-Adopt prospective adopter is unhappy about any aspect of Family Futures’ service provision/operation, the initial action is to discuss the matter informally with the Manager of Therapy Services at Family Futures who will endeavour to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the complainant. Ideally a meeting will be held.
Stage Two - Formal

If the complaint remains ‘active’ i.e. unresolved, the Manager of Therapy Services completes a Family Futures’ Complaint Form which is then given to the Registered Manager who will commence a formal investigation to explore the complaint: this process will take 28 days. This investigation is likely to involve speaking with staff of Family Futures, obtaining statements, considering the child’s or service user’s record and gathering other sources of information.

In some cases where ‘wires have been crossed’, an explanation may resolve the matter.

Where the complaining party remains unhappy with the explanation, they will be invited to complete a Service User Complaints Form by the Registered Manager. If the complainant has a communication problem then the Registered Manager will respond appropriately. Complainants will be invited to write down full details of their complaint and what outcome they would like to see done to resolve their issues (if writing is a problem, assistance will be offered). The Registered Manager will give full consideration to what has been written.
The management team will formally respond in writing within 28 days with Family Futures’ position statement to the complainant, clearly setting out the:

• Original complaint
• The range and content of the investigation
• Content of any statements obtained
• The management team’s conclusion
The commissioning authority will be sent a copy of this report.
If the complainant is unhappy with the formal response, they have 28 days to inform Family Futures of this. We will then pass the file to our Independent Person with a request for him to carry out an independent enquiry.

Our Independent Person is
Mr Roger Weissman
Telephone: 07506 720618

Stage Three – Independent Review
The Independent Person, Mr Roger Weisman, will then be sent the complaint file and will carry out an independent review. A report will be completed within 28 days. The report will have clear conclusions and recommendations. A copy of this report will be sent to the Complainant and to the Directors of Family Futures. The Directors of Family Futures will be obliged to comply with these recommendations.
If the Complainant is still not satisfied, the Complainant is free to engage their commissioning agency’s complaints procedure, or contact Ofsted who inspect our organisation for the government.

Ofsted – 0300 123 1231
Piccadilly Gate Store Street Manchester M1 2WD
When we have got it right we would also like to know! Please feel free to get in touch:

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