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Services for schools

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Adoption matters:

Training for virtual school and designated teachers

Family Futures supports schools in developing teacher understanding of the holistic impact of adverse in-utero experiences and early trauma by delivering training and providing cohesive strategies to use within the education setting.

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Don’t let Them turn their back on Education: Working with Difficult Children in the Classroom 

A Training, Consultation, Assessment and Treatment Service for Schools

Family Futures has pioneered a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach to teaching children who are fostered or adopted and who have experienced poor parenting in their early lives. The consequence of this poor parenting, neglect and abuse, in infancy has been called Developmental Trauma. If Developmental Trauma is not addressed sensitively at home and at school, the child can continue to be impacted into adulthood. Our Education Service works closely with our multidisciplinary therapy service to provide bespoke packages for schools or for individual children.

We provide a range of trainings for school-based professionals. These can be purchased separately or as a package at a discounted rate.

  • The impact of poor parenting and abuse on a child’s development and their capacity to learn in the classroom
  • Impaired problem-solving and cognitive functioning in children who have been abused or neglected
  • Practical tools for teachers to support children who have executive functioning (problem-solving) difficulties
  • Understanding children’s sensory processing issues and their impact on behaviour in the classroom
  • How formal educational assessments can help teachers to better understand children with emotional, cognitive and behavioural difficulties

Our trainings can be delivered at school for groups of teachers (no less than 15) or at our training centre in London. We deliver trainings across England and Wales.

We also provide a comprehensive range of assessment and therapy services to schools:

  • Educational assessments by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Child or case-based consultations at the school or at Family Futures
  • A comprehensive, integrated multidisciplinary assessment for children who are fostered or adopted
  • A school-based treatment service for traumatised children with behavioural and learning difficulties

If you are interested in any of these services please contact Tamsyn Duncan-Godlonton on

Anti-Bullying Resource for Schools

In our plight to raise awareness of the challenges young adopted and looked after children face when it comes to bullying, our Young adoptees have shared their views and stories which have then been captured in this thought-provoking animation.

We believe this animation is a great resource for teachers and should be used and shown in Schools and Youth Groups.  Please help us in raising awareness!

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