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Return to school webinars for parents, carers and professionals

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Bookings are now open for our Dan Hughes ‘return to school’ webinars and our new Sensory Integration webinar with Mandy.

Dr Dan Hughes will be live online for parents/carers on 25 August, 2-4pm and for professionals on 27 August, 2-4pm. You can learn ideas and tips to help children feel safe as they return to school post-lockdown. How can a PACE approach help with transitions and anxieties? Send in your questions for Dan when you book and find out more here:
Parents & carers webinar
Professionals webinar

On 1 September, Mandy (Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner) will be holding a live online webinar to explain sensory modulation and how this links to our stress response and ability to self regulate. For many adoptive, SGO and foster families, the stresses of living through lockdown have brought their child’s sensory issues to the fore, particularly for children whose sensory development has been impaired by early life trauma. Mandy will offer tips, support and answer your questions in this Sensory Integration Webinar with Mandy.

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