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Why adopt?

Adoptive parents are a source of repair and hope for traumatised children

Today, adoption isn’t usually about babies. Most of the time, it’s about caring for a child who’s had the worst start in life imaginable. It’s about creating a loving family that could keep a traumatised child safe from becoming an adult in prison, on the streets or on drugs.

When a child has been abused, neglected and traumatised in their early life, it changes everything. We know that it changes the way children interact with those around them, the way they view adults, other children and themselves. Most importantly, trauma changes the way these children need to be parented. We’d be doing a disservice to you, and the hurt children that we find homes for, if we didn’t tell you that up front. Their heads are in our hands.

That’s why we are one of the few adoption agencies who for every step of the way, genuinely provide an integrated support team consisting of a social worker to manage the system and processes, and a therapist to support the child.

We believe that adoptive families are the best possible place for these children to be, and that adoptive parents are the source of repair and hope.

You could make an extraordinary difference to the life of one of these children, and it might be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

Could you be an i-Adopt adoptive parent?

We specialise in finding families for children who are three years and older. Sadly, there is a misconception that when it comes to adoption that adopting babies is an easier option. We believe that regardless of the child’s age, adoption is a massive commitment but, without a doubt, hugely rewarding.

We’ve got a proven track record of assessing children with trauma related difficulties and transforming them by effectively re-wiring their brains. With our team of specialists working closely with them and their new parents, we can provide the support to enable them to re-build their lives and giving them the chance to have a normal, happy and healthy future.

We are looking for individuals or couples aged over 21, who are prepared to make a strong commitment to providing a safe emotional environment, where a child can experience secure attachments and come to terms with their trauma. This is known as developmental parenting. If you are willing to do this, whoever you are, we’d like to meet you.

People of any cultural background, ethnicity or sexual orientation can adopt through i-Adopt. All you need is commitment to the process. But it is a big commitment.

To ensure you have the time to do the developmental parenting required that will enable the child to form a secure attachment to you, we ask that the primary carer takes as much time off work as possible for the first year of post placement. Failing to resolve attachment issues early on in the first year your child comes to live with you can lead to difficulties and complications later on. Investing time early on in your new family will make all the difference in the long run.

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