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Referral form and background information

The first stage for a family looking to access services from Family Futures will be for an Assessment to be undertaken (either a multi-disciplinary shortened or full assessment.) This referral process consists of an assessment screening and information gathering as well as risk analysis.

The Social Worker for the family will need to complete our Referral Form and Child history report. Please return the two completed forms to Please note it is only when the referral form has been approved and funding agreed that a place is secured for a neuro physiological psychotherapy multi-disciplinary assessment.

The ASF will only accept applications from a Local Authority, so if you do not have a Social Worker, please contact your Local Authority first.

Family Futures will require a signed contract of engagement prior to an assessment being booked as well as all the relevant background information being received to fully inform the team prior to the assessment. Along with this, the psychometric questionnaires will need to be disseminated and returned as well as scored by Family Futures prior to the assessment. It is important to note that the recommendations may not be for the family to access services at Family Futures if there are alternative providers who can carry out therapeutic work or manage high risk situations sooner than Family Futures can.

The Adoption Support Fund

Since 1 April 2017, Family Futures’ referral and treatment process (see flowchart below) is designed so that elements of it are congruent with the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). Our assessment and treatment plans will always prioritise the need of the child rather than the constraints of the ASF. The Social Worker for the family can apply to the ASF for assessment funding on their website.

Each child can receive up to £2,500 for specialist assessments and up to £5,000 for therapy. Assessments and therapy above this can be match funded by the local authority.

Please download our referral flowchart which explains the referral process.

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