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Attachment refers to the emotional bond
between a child and a caregiver which can
influence emotional, social and cognitive

Biopsychosocial formulation brings together
information about the interaction of biological
factors, psychological factors and social
factors in order to make sense of a child and
family’s presentation.

Developmental re-parenting is an approach
to parenting children who have been
neglected and abused in a manner that meets
their developmental need and aims to help
the child to develop first a capacity to be co-regulated,
and over time to self-regulate.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
(DDP) developed by Dr Daniel Hughes is a
dyadic parent and child therapy treatment for
families with adopted or fostered children who
had experienced neglect and abuse in their
birth families and suffered from significant
developmental trauma.

MIM Assessment is an assessment tool
developed for use in Theraplay® which
is designed to assess a child and parents’
attachment relationship in terms of Structure,
Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge.

Mindfulness is a technique used to help
children and parents focus their awareness
in the present moment, while calmly
acknowledging and accepting their feelings,
thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Multidisciplinary approach at Family Futures
consists of a team of specialist professionals
in the fields of Clinical Psychology,
Psychotherapy, Social Work, Occupational
Therapy and Education who contribute to the
assessment and treatment of developmentally
traumatised children.

Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy (NPP) is
a therapeutic model and approach developed
by Family Futures that focuses on healing the
neurological, physiological and psychological
harm to a child’s development caused by
neglect and abusive parenting in infancy.

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