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On behalf of the children, young people and families we support, thank you for your generous donation to our Crisis Fund.

About the Family Futures Crisis Fund

“This organisation has meant the difference between surviving as an adoptive family and not surviving. We have been surrounded by their expertise, care, concern and support for the last two and a half years and have learned how to be a new family.”  An adoptive family

Family Futures deals frequently through our initial enquiry line with distressed parents and families in crisis. The crisis may be triggered by situations such as a sudden death in the family, a serious self harming incident, suicidal thoughts or feelings, contact through social media with a birth family member, adolescence or a high level of child on parent violence that has been unremitting with no support put in place.

We support the families of traumatised children in these situations and help get the right support in place quickly, either with us or with other providers or local services.

Sometimes funding for an assessment or emergency intervention is not easy to get quickly. The crisis situation or level of distress may be so great that we feel duty bound to offer an assessment even if the family has no funding to ensure the right, targeted support is given to the young person or family. There may also be a need to put in place emergency intervention so that the children and the family are not at risk.

If a vulnerable child or family are in treatment with us but the funding ends abruptly, the Crisis Fund can cover the crucial ending sessions and handover process. It can also help children and families who have ended treatment but find they need help once again some years on and need to access support quickly from us.

We cannot help everyone but we try to help as many families as we can, and find another service if we are unable to help.

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