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Adoption and SGO support

Family Futures is an Adoption Support Fund (ASF) approved provider. Adoptive and SGO families need to apply for ASF funding through their local authority or Regional Adoption Agency.

The total cost for a multi-disciplinary assessment at Family Futures is £2,500 per child. ASF funding is available for assessments (up to £2,500 per child).

The Adoption Support Fund will also fund treatment packages capped at £5,000 per child. Costs above this level, for children with complex needs, can be match funded by the local authority and the Adoption Support Fund (up to a maximum of £30,000 per annum per child).

Post adoption support and support for SGO families

Parenting a child who has been placed for adoption can sometimes be more difficult than anticipated. We have learnt a great deal from adoptive parents, foster parents, special guardians and teachers about the difficulties they encounter. Family Futures offers a comprehensive treatment and training programme specifically designed to help support adoptive parents, foster parents, special guardians, professionals working with children and teachers that covers the following areas:

  • The child’s level of traumatisation
  • Their attachment difficulties
  • Any school related problems
  • Any health or developmental concerns
  • Parenting Workshops

This support is provided through:

Family Futures provides an integrated multi-disciplinary therapy service incorporating a variety of therapy techniques and practices including Child Psychiatry, Child Psychology, Child Psychotherapy, Theraplay and much more.  All our work is based on evidence from medical research, scientific study and clinical experience.  Watch this video to find out more…

Our staff have been trained by Bryan Post, Dan Hughes, Theraplay and other experts in the field in addition to their professional training. It is now a legal requirement that any organisation or individual offering adoption support services needs to be registered as an Adoption Support Agency (ASA) with Ofsted. It is worth checking this with the Ofsted website, where there is a list of registered providers.

Find out more information here about:

Assessment at Family Futures

Our Treatment programme

How to refer

To find out more about how Family Futures can help your family, please contact us today.

We would recommend that if you are not a member, join Adoption UK, another great source of information and support: 

Information about the Adoption Support Fund can also be found on Adoption UK’s website.

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