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The ASF will fund assessment and treatment programmes which are within the scope of the ASF regulations at the time.

Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy (NPP) Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

Our NPP Assessment integrates the information gathered during the referral process, as well as information gathered during an assessment process at Family Futures with the family. Our NPP assessment process considers the following factors:

  • The degree of developmental trauma the child experienced and how this impacts them in their current family dynamics
  • The child’s sensory integration and general development
  • The child’s attachment strategies
  • The child’s cognitive and executive functioning
  • The child’s current family relationships and contact arrangements
  • The child’s current functioning at school, where relevant
  • The child’s needs for further therapeutic intervention
  • Parents’ / Carers’ support needs

This assessment includes a child assessment, during which there would be a Story Stems Assessment/Child Attachment Interview as well as a Social Atom, Theraplay MIM Assessment, parent meeting and a sibling dynamics assessment if more than one child is involved. Prior to this a telephone consultation with parents will also take place. This assessment would also include the administration of the full range of psychological screening tools. A report drawing conclusions and making recommendations would then be disseminated. The total cost for an assessment is £2,500 per child. If there are also birth children in the adoptive or foster family, there is an additional cost for an assessment of £800 per birth child.

The assessment could potentially lead to a programme of Theraplay treatment, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy treatment, Creative Therapy treatment, or Sensory Integration assessment and treatment, all of which can be managed within the current ASF capped funding of £5,000 per child. Alternatively this shortened assessment could lead to a full Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy treatment programme.

Specialist Additional Assessments

Along with the assessment at Family Futures, there might also be recommendations for additional specialist assessments, if these are not available through local services. These specialist additional assessments include a Psychiatric Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, Paediatric Consultation, Occupational Therapy Sensory Integration Assessment etc.

The cost of each specialist additional assessment is £2,400 per assessment, per child.

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