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Creative Arts Therapy

This programme will involve art and creative tasks supporting the child or young person in exploring a range of verbal and nonverbal ways of expressing themselves. This encourages the child’s imagination alongside talking to facilitate change and understanding. For many children, talking can be hard and by using creative techniques, some of the difficult issues can be approached, often instigated by the children themselves. This arts based therapy programme can either be an individual process or a dyadic process involving the parent or parents depending on what is appropriate.

It is worth noting, though, the importance of this therapy is not about the finished product but the process – what this has brought up within the child and family and how the therapists have helped the processing. This creative arts process gives the child or young person the opportunity to explore their experiences, beliefs, fears, weaknesses, strengths as well as their past, present and future in a safe and containing environment. During these sessions there will also be regular parent review sessions to discuss the progress of the sessions and to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.

See some of the artwork and creations made by children in their therapy sessions here.

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