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Helping Families Heal – an adoptive parent speaks to Dan Hughes

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We are very pleased to be launching our Helping Families Heal series of videos, hosted by a parent who has adopted a child through Family Futures. In this first video, Dr Dan Hughes, Clinical Psychologist and founder of DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) gives his thoughts and suggestions on some of the trickiest questions for adopters today:

Should you let sleeping dogs lie?…Is there a danger of ‘putting ideas into their heads’ if you talk to a child about their past? Especially where a child’s trauma was very early on, pre-verbal and the child has no actual memories. 

What about children for whom talking about emotions is a trigger?

Other questions Dan addresses here include:

What about children who are shut down?

How can parents and carers work with schools…help their child make friends…get beyond ‘blocked care’?

Can sensory integration intervention help?

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