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Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy involves the therapist facilitating the child’s attachment relationship with their parents. The therapist does this by talking with the child using an affective-reflective (a-r) dialogue. This is a conversation that involves feeling as well as thinking. The therapist explores all aspects of the child’s life; safe and traumatic; present and past. The therapist and parents’ inter subjective experience of the child helps the child get a different understanding. This becomes integrated into her autobiographical narrative. This in turn becomes more coherent.

In this way the child experiences healing of past trauma and achieves safety within current relationships. The conversations and interactions (verbal and non-verbal) within the therapy room are all based upon PACE. This means that the therapist will be playful, accepting, curious and empathic. During these sessions there will also be regular parent review sessions to discuss the progress of the sessions and to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.

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