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Sensory summer activities and Sensory Integration Webinar

Our Occupational Therapy team have put together some sensory summer activity ideas for you to try over the holidays.

Do you have questions about your child’s sensory development? Why not join our Sensory Integration webinar on 1 September, where Mandy will be answering questions from parents/carers and suggesting practical strategies to help children regulate their sensory systems.

For many adoptive, SGO and foster families, the stresses of living through lockdown and anxieties about the transition back to school have brought their child’s sensory issues to the fore, particularly for children whose sensory development has been impaired by early life trauma. Parents and carers participating in the webinar will have the opportunity to try activities that engage the senses and help support regulation. 

Return to school webinars for parents, carers and professionals

We still have spaces on our Dan Hughes ‘return to school’ webinars and our new Sensory Integration webinar with Mandy.

Dr Dan Hughes will be live online for parents/carers on 25 August, 2-4pm and for professionals on 27 August, 2-4pm. You can learn ideas and tips to help children feel safe as they return to school post-lockdown. How can a PACE approach help with transitions and anxieties? Send in your questions for Dan when you book and find out more here:
Parents & carers webinar
Professionals webinar

On 1 September, Mandy (Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner) will be holding a live online webinar to explain sensory modulation and how this links to our stress response and ability to self regulate. For many adoptive, SGO and foster families, the stresses of living through lockdown have brought their child’s sensory issues to the fore, particularly for children whose sensory development has been impaired by early life trauma. Mandy will offer tips, support and answer your questions in this Sensory Integration Webinar with Mandy.

Expert-led webinars for parents and professionals during Covid-19

We were delighted to be joined by Dr Dan Hughes, founder of DDP this week for the first of our series of expert-led webinars to support families through these stressful times.

180 parents/carers attended the webinar to hear parenting guidance and examples of dealing with difficult and challenging situations.

“Highly recommended! What a lovely man Dan Hughes is, so calm and knowledgeable, brilliant.”

“Brilliantly useful”.

To find out about our upcoming webinars click here

Big Adoption Day 5 June 2019

Do you feel able to provide a home for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the care system?

We’re holding an Information Evening on Wednesday 5 June from 7pm-8pm at Family Futures. Come along and find out more about the adoption process and how we can support you in caring for a child who has had a traumatic start in life to give them a better future. We can discuss any questions you may have about adopting a child, or you can also call us between 9.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday to speak to one of our team. Find out more about adopting a child with Family Futures here

Prospective adopters receive outstanding support and guidance from dedicated workers throughout the adoption process.” Ofsted 2018

Please email us to let us know if you are coming to the Information Evening.

“The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself”

There was a good turnout of family, friends, and professionals for the book launch on Friday 3rd December at Family Futures of “The boy who built a wall around himself”, written by Ali Redford and illustrated by Kara Simpson.

Ali is an adoptive parent who adopted two traumatised siblings. The book uses the wall to symbolise what the child needs to protect themselves in an abusive environment and how it gets in the way when they move to a loving home. It tells how someone “kind ” helps the little boy to break down the wall. It’s a lovely story that all children will understand and many parents will relate to.

Ali - book launch

Young People’s Forum

We held our special Young People’s Forum event on 6th June on the subject of Bullying; we wanted to give our young people their say when it comes to anti-bullying… We delivered a truly interactive session, with lots of discussion combined with bundles of creativity.

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Adopting a Child from an LGBT Perspective.

On the 23rd June we held a dedicated LGBT Information Evening in association with New Family Social to celebrate Pride in London.  The evening was aimed at helping to dispel some of those concerns and myths that people have around LGBT adoption and the process.   It was a fantastic evening and we met lots of lovely people.  Don’t worry if you were unable to attend the event, you can still call for a free consultation on 020 7354 4161 or email:


Tuesday 21st July: Adopting a Child from a Single Person’s Perspective

A dedicated Information Evening aimed at single people who may be considering adopting, please click here to find out more information.

Our Thera-Playathon Family Fun Day

on Sunday 17th May, we hosted our very own Thera-Playathon Family Fun Day. A day dedicated to promoting the importance of Play and its role in building family bonds.

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