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Why Parents Choose Us


A family’s personal experience of coming to Family Futures…

We came to Family Futures because we had found out about you prior to our son’s placement and knew that you offer a level of service that all adopters should have access to.  Then amazingly our family social worker, at that time found an assessment which you did and applied for it for us. Thankfully the Adoption Support Fund funded this and so our process with you began.

Before coming to Family Futures we had had therapeutic input from our local CAMHS without a thorough assessment, and we had had a year’s Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), again without a thorough assessment. Unfortunately neither really worked.

The assessments at Family Futures were tough for our son, but he absolutely loved the sensory provision meaning that he was happy to keep coming back to Family Futures.

The reports from Family Futures have been incredibly helpful as without the assessments we believe we would never have got the therapeutic education we have now got for our son, in an independent school funded by our local Borough.

Our son started year 7 and dropped out by February half term and now, because of Family Futures, he has just begun his therapeutic education in September with 1 to 1 support with a teacher who is attachment and trauma trained.  In addition because of Family Futures our son now has his own Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which legally the Borough has to fulfil.

Our son loves horses and cars and now he is going to have a curriculum built around horses and cars with appropriate sensory provision. His education will be led by what he can cope with and not by what he must or should achieve.  The priority will be to help him to feel calm and safe.

We believe that without the assessments of Family Futures we would not have this for our son.

Family Futures offers an exceptional service.  We are so grateful for the service Family Futures has provided us with, but we feel completely frustrated by the lack of financial support available for local Boroughs to meet the therapeutic packages recommended 



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