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Tributes to Alan Burnell on his retirement

Posted in: News

Thank you to the many families and professionals who have sent messages to Alan on his retirement. You can read a few of the tributes below.

“We feel a sense of pride, gratitude and hope as a Family Futures family. You’ve kept us on the right side of chaos. A big heartfelt thank you for the inspiration, innovation and hard work you’ve brought to us and others here.”

“Alan is remembered by adoptive families in difficulty for believing those difficulties they were facing (in many cases he was the first professional to do so), and for how hard he worked to get assessments for children who so desperately needed support, despite the lack of funding on offer for treatment. Years later those assessment reports continued to offer families validation and education for the child’s network.”

“The ripples have gone out throughout the UK and beyond, through the courage to bring in new people like Dan Hughes, to exploring different ways of being and ways of working with children who are deeply traumatised, including working with the whole body.”

“One of the most original thinkers in the field of adoption today. Alan has helped to shape the thinking to bring adoption practice and adoption support right into the 21st century. You have challenged the complacency and the status quo in the system.”

“We have learnt so much that is embedded in Family Futures. At the heart of all Alan has done is the belief that adoption is a lived experience in a most profound way. There’s not an end to the story. Our sense of gratitude for all you have contributed over the years cannot be underestimated.”

“Alan’s work has blazed a trail in the area of adoption. He and his colleagues at Family Futures have changed, for the better, the lives of many children and families.”

“That Family Futures is held in such high regard  by families and practitioners across the UK – and beyond – is testament to your dedication to understanding and improving the lives of countless children.”

“The people who have been on the two-year adoption and attachment course set up by Alan have gone out and made transformative changes around the country. They’ve done that because of Alan’s pioneering and courageous approach.”

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