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Multiple booking discounts


If an organisation books 5 or more delegates, receive a discount of 10% on the total training cost. This can be for various courses taking place on different dates as long as they are all included in the same booking. Terms and conditions apply *


If you are an individual wanting to self-fund your training you get a 10% discount on the total cost, if you book 3 or more trainings in the same booking. Terms and conditions apply *

* Terms and conditions

Please note these discounts do not apply to the following courses:

  • DDP Level 1
  • DDP Level 2
  • Theraplay Level 1 and Group Theraplay
  • Theraplay Level 2
  • Group Theraplay

Only 1 discount can be used in any one booking. Terms and conditions are subject to change as these discounts are reviewed from time to time. If any cancellations are made subsequent to booking, the multiple booking discount may not be applied. Read our cancellation policy here.

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