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Support network management

Family Futures recognise that there is a reciprocal impact between a child and every aspect of their environment. This is true of all children, not just those in therapy. They are constantly interacting with parents, siblings, wider family, teachers, peers and the community at large. For any child this interaction can be positive or negative.

Traumatised children or those with attachment difficulties have complex needs and these interactions with their environment can be developmentally supportive or damaging. Therefore Family Futures believe it is important that therapeutic programmes should involve all or as many aspects of the child’s environment as is possible (ie: parents, siblings, wider family, neighbours, peers, school, clubs, church etc.) to provide a positive support network around the child. Family Futures can work with you to set up this network of support.

After a time, adoptive parents often find they are losing the support network that they initially had surrounding the child. If this happens, Family Futures can intervene to manage and maintain this support network going forward.

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