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Child on parent violence (CPV) and early childhood trauma

Posted in: News

Adoption UK’s Adoption Barometer highlights the issues affecting adoptive families in the UK today

The majority of adopted, fostered and SGO children have suffered abuse in infancy. They have been removed from their birth families because of “significant harm”. Sadly, this significant harm has already impaired the child’s brain development, leaving them hardwired for anxiety and affecting their ability to regulate emotions.

As an adoptive mother said this week in a recent Channel 4 news film: “Children who have been neglected, who have been to hell and back, and are trying to grow up, have overwhelming feelings and they don’t know what to do with them. They can’t put them into words.”  In the majority of cases with adopted, fostered and SGO children, we know from our experience that Child on Parent violence (CPV) is a consequence of early child abuse and neglect, and needs a robust therapeutic response from placing agencies. The government should prioritise the Adoption Support Fund to fund long-term therapy for every child placed for adoption to address the problems these damaged children now face and to give them a chance in life. If the family’s whole network, including the school, understand the impact of trauma and form a team of support around each child, families affected by CPV will start to get the understanding and support they desperately need.

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