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Summer letter from Jay Vaughan

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Dear families and friends of Family Futures,

There is no doubt that everyone has been impacted by the huge challenges of this year, and for adopted, fostered and special guardianship children and their families, the heightened fear around day to day life and the threat to safety has been hard to cope with.

We have been impressed at Family Futures by the resilience and determination shown by children and their families who have found ways to manage and make the lockdown not just bearable, but a positive chance to reconnect to each other. However, that being said, we have also been shocked and saddened to see the distress some children and families are in, and have had desperate enquires to our advice line from parents who feel they cannot go on. We are doing all we can to support anyone who gets in touch with us and will continue to do so.

Family Futures are concerned about a second wave (or an on-going wave as it is now being termed) so we are being cautious, but hope that we can continue with gradually opening up more face to face work to support children and their families. I want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to remain on this trajectory of gradually re-opening face to face work, whilst balancing the risks and keeping children, families and the team at Family Futures safe.

As we head into the summer holidays we will be providing our usual online support services, some distanced face to face working (in ventilated spaces with PPE) as appropriate. We are also running a series of online webinars and support groups for families. Please let us know if we can do any more to help.

I wanted to say whilst my focus is on children and families, I would also like to acknowledge all the professionals in the fostering and adoption world in particular, and their hard work to provide support in these difficult times. We need to work together to support each other if we are going to be able to support the children and families who, more than ever, need our help. We will continue to do all we can to support you.

Finally and importantly, a message to children and their families – however you spend the coming summer holidays take time to enjoy the little things: the smell of a flower, the shared smile, the connection to each other as it is this connection that will resource us and make whatever we have to face manageable.

With love from Jay and the team at Family Futures

30 July 2020

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