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Won’t Do or Can’t Do

A DVD for teaching adopted and Looked After children
Marion Allen
Running time: 45 Minutes

An explanation of how traumatic experiences in infancy can impact children’s ability to learn in childhood. A video conversation with Family Futures Educational Specialist, Marion Allen, a teacher, who has pioneered educational programmes for children who are adopted or fostered.

The DVD is designed as an information programme for teachers and parents who are involved with children who are Adopted or Fostered. Family Futures has found a significant connection between cognitive processing and problem solving difficulties in school age children and their experience of repeated trauma in infancy. Family Futures has pioneered an integrated home/school strategy programme to help children overcome their difficulties with help from parents and teachers.

The DVD covers the following topics:

  • The impact of repeated trauma in infancy on childhood development
  • Developmental Trauma Disorder
  • What is Executive Functioning?
  • How do Executive Functioning difficulties affect children in the classroom?
  • How can parents and teachers help children develop their Executive Functioning skills?



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