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The training has been fantastic. It has given me so many ideas and was a topic I have thought about for a while. I think this training session is exactly what every school needs.

I found the course very informative, interesting and engaging. I'm looking forward to trying out some ideas that I learnt today and to learning more from the packs.

I really enjoyed this training. I was interested and engaged all the way through. I think that I have learnt a lot.

Supporting Looked After and adopted children in school

Children who have experienced neglect and abuse remain traumatised by their earlier experiences long after they are removed to a place of safety. This can leave them with a range of difficulties which can impact their learning at school. For example, sensory, emotional, psychological and social difficulties.

Positive experiences in the womb and the first two to three years of a child’s life are crucial not only in developing attachments, but the development of the brain and body.

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Standard Professional, Associate Professional

Course objectives

This course will build an understanding of the difficulties that children who are Looked After or adopted, or those who have experienced early developmental trauma, can experience at school. It looks at the impact of trauma on the development of the brain and body.

We will focus on executive functioning skills, which enable children to self-regulate, organise themselves and problem solve. The course will also address executive dysfunction which affects the child’s ability to access the curriculum.

What skills will you take away?

  • An understanding of how early childhood trauma impacts on children’s development
  • Practical ideas for assessing children’s levels of executive functioning
  • Hands-on strategies to help adopted children in the classroom, and support their teachers and parents

Who should attend?

Designated teachers for Looked After and adopted children, classroom and subject teachers, special educational needs coordinators, learning mentors, teacher trainers, educational psychologists and social workers


Marion Allen, Education Consultant, Family Futures

Marion taught in primary schools for over 20 years and is an adoptive mother. Marion has developed the education team at Family Futures over 11 years. In her role, she works with children, parents, teachers and therapists to support children’s education and provide training and support for teachers. She has spoken at Adoption UK and BAAF conferences and has published articles and books.


Family Futures CIC
3 & 4 Floral Place
7 - 9 Northampton Grove
London N1 2PL

Course times: 10am - 4pm


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