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Parenting with Theraplay, Somatic Experience and DDP principles of PACE

This day focusses on the work of Dan Hughes, Theraplay and Somatic Interventions.
These treatment interventions form the basis of the Neuro Physiological Psychotherapy model (NPP) at Family Futures. NPP works towards helping children become more regulated and form more secure attachments to adoptive parents and foster carers.

Trauma in infancy leads to dysregulation of feeling states so helping children being more regulated is a vital to parenting. Along with this the formation of secure attachments in infancy is crucial as it becomes the cornerstone for all of life’s interpersonal interactions. The day will explore ways that parents can help their children become more regulated and more securely attached through the way that they parent them.

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Self-Funded Parent/Carer, Standard, Associate


Jay Vaughan, M.A., is a Certified Theraplay therapist and supervisor as well as a Theraplay trainer. Jay is also a state registered Dramatherapist, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner. Jay is the Clinical Director at Family Futures CIC and is also the agency’s Responsible Person.


Family Futures CIC
3 & 4 Floral Place
7 - 9 Northampton Grove
London N1 2PL

Course times: 10am - 4pm


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