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Advanced Workshop: A neurosequential & body based approach to working with developmental trauma

6 & 7 April 2020

Looking at a neurosequential approach to therapy, this advanced workshop will focus on a body-based perspective of working with children and families. Calming the body and regulating the nervous system is essential for children who have experienced trauma and their families, whatever therapy approach is being offered. Family Futures specialises in integrating sensory, somatic and body-based approaches into all aspects of therapy. This work is the essential foundation which is required to enable both children and adults to find an internal sense of calm so that they can begin to access their feelings and make sense of their experiences. This course will enable participants to reflect on their own bodies and nervous systems as well as provide tools for them to integrate into their practice.

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Course objectives

This advanced workshop will increase your understanding of:

  • The impact of trauma on development, focusing on physiological and sensory systems
  • Theory and practice of body-based approaches to working with trauma
  • The Neurosequential approach to treatment
  • Assessing the impact of trauma on the body
  • Integrating body based work into talking therapies
  • Monitoring outcomes when using body based approaches
  • Relevant research

What skills will you take away?

  • A basic understanding of physiological regulation and an ability to use this knowledge to support oneself in practice and integrate into direct work with families
  • Basic abilities in assessing the impact of trauma on the nervous system and physical functioning, and evaluating the impact of interventions
  • Increased skills in self-care, relating to body based approaches

Who should attend?

Professionals who work with young people or families impacted by trauma and have some experience of working therapeutically with this client group, including: therapists, psychologists, social workers, educational staff and healthcare professionals.

The course is designed for those working independently as well as those working as part of a team.


Dr Rachel van Schaick is a Clinical Psychologist who works with children and families affected by trauma and loss. Her passion lies in supporting those who are developmentally traumatised. Rachel has specialist expertise in the areas of adoption, fostering and at-risk families, as well as parent-infant interventions. Rachel joined Family Futures in 2018. Prior to this Rachel practiced in local authority, NHS, third sector and independent settings. Rachel is a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist in Training and a Foundational Level Theraplay Practitioner.

Jay Vaughan, M.A., is a Certified Theraplay therapist and supervisor as well as a Theraplay trainer. Jay is also a state registered Dramatherapist, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner. Jay is the CEO and Registered Manager at Family Futures CIC.


Family Futures CIC
3 & 4 Floral Place
7 - 9 Northampton Grove
London N1 2PL

Course times: 10am - 4pm

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