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Keeping up with the Jones’

A training video for use with parents – post-placement
Running time: 30 minutes

This DVD was designed as a training DVD for use with prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, foster carers and social workers to highlight some of the difficulties of parenting a sibling group as well as some of the typical challenges that adoptive parents and carers face in new placements.  Each cameo highlights things that could go wrong and are designed to be a trigger for discussion about how these typical day to day issues might be better tackled by adoptive parents and foster carers.


Day 1– Fraught Friday

  • Off to Work- how to manage getting ready in the morning
  • Two’s Company…the parentified child and pathologised sibling dynamics
  • Honey I’m Home– work-home balance issues
  • Once Upon a Time– children splitting parents


Day 2– Sad Saturday

  • A Trip to the Park– managing sibling dynamics in a public place
  • Playing Games– one child sets up another as the “bad one”
  • Home Work– one child disguises their academic difficulties by bad behaviour and how this raises conflict between the parents
  • Time for Tea– how new parents or carers can find themselves re-enacting parental conflict that is familiar to the children in placement
  • End of the Line– at the end of the day, parents still feel they have failed and recognise that they may need professional support and help


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