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Jannie Goes to Contact

Through the eyes of a child – contact
Family Futures
Running time: 30 minutes

For those of you who have shared Jannie’s trauma and re-enactment, we are now releasing for sale “Jannie goes to Contact”. This is a video that many of you may have seen, that we have released because of many people requesting to use it for their own training with colleagues, parents and foster carers. We have added subtitles for the passage where the Social Worker is speaking which was hard to hear, so that the full dialogue of the facilitated contact is made much clearer. We hope that colleagues will use the DVD to re-asses contact that the Government have now recognised that contact arrangements need re-appraising, and what we have recognised for many years, should only be in the child’s best interest. The first scene in the video is Jannie in Foster Care meeting her birth mother in unsupervised contact. The issues this raises are:

  • Is this contact in Jannie’s best interest?
  • What messages does the contact convey?
  • Could a supervisor intervene?
  • Would a supervisor make sense of the contact without knowing Jannie’s history?

The second part of the video is the scene with Jannie being prepared for the facilitated contact by her adoptive parent. The second scene is the Social Worker preparing the birth mother. The third scene is the facilitated contact and the final scene is Jannie de-briefing with her adoptive mother. With this video, there will be an explanation of facilitated contact in training notes that come with the DVD. It is designed to be used for training by Social Workers for Social Workers, Foster Carers and Contact Supervisors.

Please note that this DVD is not of the best quality, therefore we are offering it at a discounted rate of £25 due to the overwhelming demand and the quality of it’s use in terms of a training tool.


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