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Identity and heritage – ideas for professionals to support adopted and looked after children

2 July 2020, 2-4pm live online (with a short break)

A live webinar with Dee Bamford and Dr Dan Hughes

Following the Black Lives Matter protests and events around the world against inequality, now is an important opportunity to think about inequality in the care system and how challenging it is for fostered, adopted or looked after children to understand their identity and heritage.

Children and young people need to work out, as they move into and through adolescence, who they want to be. Often this involves carefully wrestling with the process of understanding their identity, often straddling two different cultures, so that they have a feeling of comfort and belonging in their new home.

In this webinar Dan Hughes (Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.) and Dee Bamford (Psychotherapist and adoptive parent) are going to provide a forum for thinking with professionals about how to support young people with identity and feeling a sense of belonging regarding their ethnicity. Dan and Dee will provide some ideas to support children as well as a forum for questions and answers.

Family Futures recognises that we all need to take the inequality faced by BAME children and adults and the lack of recognition of this seriously in order to bring about lasting change.

Participants are invited to send in a question for Dan and Dee in the ‘notes’ section of the webinar booking form (by the 17th June). Questions may be grouped into key themes which will be covered during the presentation. Participants will also receive the recorded version of the webinar which will be available for one month afterwards.

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Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers


Dee Bamford is a Senior Integrative Arts Psychotherapist at Family Futures and an adoptive parent.

Dr Dan Hughes is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of children and young people with trauma-attachment problems. Dan trains professionals in this treatment model in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. He is the author of various books and articles, and is also the President of the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute.



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