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Five by Five

Five professionals talking about a multidisciplinary service for adoption
Written and directed by Jay Vaughan
Produced by Alan Burnell
Running time: 75 Minutes

5 Experts Outlining 5 Key Issues in a Multi-disciplinary Approach to Permanent Placement.

Psychologist: Dr Dan Hughes
Therapist: Jay Vaughan
Paediatrician: Dr Deborah Hodes
Educational Psychologist: Dr Richard Lansdown
Psychiatrist: Dr Neil Harris

Each of the above experts outline what they perceive to be the 5 most critical issues in Fostering and Adoption today from their professional perspective.

Each interview lasts approximately 15 minutes.

“Ideal training materials”

The film is a training video for social workers, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and paediatricians. The video highlights the complex issues involved in permanent placement from the perspective of 5 different disciplines.

Each section stands alone as a trigger for discussion.


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