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Dan Hughes A Videoed Conversation: Integrating Neurobiology into DDP – 15 years on

Integrating Neurobiology into DDP: a conversation with Dan Hughes 15 years on
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This DVD is designed as an update for professionals who have trained with Dan Hughes in DDP and for parents who are familiar with his work.
Dan Hughes talks with Alan Burnell, Co–Director of Family Futures, about how integrating neurobiology into DDP has enhanced the model.

Dan addresses the following issues in the conversation:

  • a neurobiological framework — is it helpful for understanding traumatised children?
  • neurobiology and its implications for the types of therapy applicable to working with traumatised children
  • ‘blocked care’ and ‘blocked trust’ using a neurobiological framework
  • the case and implications for a genuinely therapeutic foster care service
  • the issue of placing siblings together or separately
  • how child mental health services should develop in the future



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