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Adult Attachment Style – How your own upbringing will influence your parenting style

There is now an established body of research and theory which outlines the impact of becoming a biological parent has on couple relationships and on a parent’s capacity to sustain secure attachment relationships. For the past 20 years Family Futures have been applying this body of knowledge to the adoptive parenting.

This module will look at the different adult attachment styles that have been identified in the literature and how they are impacted by stress when people become parents. The aim of the module is to provide insight into the participants’ way of relating to partners, friends and their child/children. The origins of your style of parenting will be explored.

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Self-Funded Parent/Carer, Standard, Associate




Family Futures CIC
3 & 4 Floral Place
7 - 9 Northampton Grove
London N1 2PL

Course times: 10am - 4pm


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