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What Feelings?

Through the eyes of a child – adoption and fostering
Produced by Alan Burnell & Jay Vaughan
Directed by Lesley Manning
Price: £25

This DVD is the second in a series of DVDs designed to enhance the preparation and training of foster carers and adoptive parents. It conveys real-life experiences of children placed in foster homes or adoptive families.

The following issues are covered in the “What Feelings?” video:

  • The impact of early trauma and how painful it is for children to work through their experiences.
  • Children’s ability to deal with loss and experience ‘adaptive grieving’
  • The powerful feelings that children have about birth parents and adoptive parents and the significance of these feelings.
  • The DVD gives six separate accounts by children of their real life experiences.

They highlight themes of separation, early trauma, loss and identity formation. The accounts that the children give are moving and designed to help parents have a deeper understanding of the children they are fostering or have adopted.

The DVD has been made by Lesley Manning, a professional film maker, and is of professional VHS quality. Six pages of introductory notes, some theoretical background and a suggested reading list accompany the video. These can be photocopied and used as handouts.



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