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Parent support and mentoring

Family Futures pioneered parent mentoring in the 1990’s. We realised that parents don’t just need emotional support, but also help in understanding the impact that trauma has had on their children and their behaviour, and how to parent them appropriately. Parent Mentoring fulfills a number of needs that we have identified that many families have:

Supporting Your Network of Family and Friends

Over the past 20 years we have learned that many families who offer permanency to traumatised children lose the network of family and friends that they started out with when their child was first placed with them. The reasons for this are many and varied. Our role is to prevent this from happening by initially meeting with your network to explain what permanency today entails and to ask them to commit to supporting the family. Proactively, a member of the Therapy Team will continue to support and advise those immediately around you so that any misunderstandings or lack confidence within the network can be addressed. The primary aim is to ensure that over time the parent/s do not find themselves becoming isolated and self-reliant. This can only add to the stress of parenting, which we aim to reduce.

Offering Advice on Parenting Strategies   

All parents working with Family Futures are advised to participate in the parent education programme that Family Futures offers. Parent mentoring helps you, the parent, to continue to maintain “the paradigm shift” and parent a scared child with empathy. We know this is not easy but the Parent Mentor will be there to support and advise you by phone, email, Skype or in person.

We act as an advocate, when you need one, or sign posting you to other relevant services or source of help.

Parent mentoring is for all parents and carers that we work with and is an integral part of Family Futures’ Treatment Programme. All the information about your child that has been gathered during the Assessment and Treatment Process by the multi-disciplinary team is translated into a parenting approach that is bespoke for your child and family, giving you the tools and support you need to parent effectively.

In addition to our parent mentoring programmes we also have a number of training sessions and resources available.

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