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De-mystifying the adoption process – stage 1 & 2

First of all, we’d like to congratulate First4Adoption for doing such a wonderful job of raising awareness of the needs of harder to place children during National Adoption Week.

We continue to see a lot of news reports around adoption and TV dramas featuring adoption stories; as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, no matter who you speak to, there always seems to be someone, somewhere who has a story to share on a friend who has adopted or is going through the adoption process, in many cases they cite the process as being stressful, laborious, intrusive and so on. I am sure there are many cases where the experience isn’t as good as it could be, but given the hard work so many of us in the adoption sector put into making it a supportive and empathetic process, I sometimes wonder if some of the negativity you hear is down to the fact that as a nation, we tend to share bad news & experiences more than the good news?!

Either way, we are keen to continue to promote the positive experiences of our adopters and shed some light into why we do certain things as part of the adoption process and why they should be seen as a positive rather than a negative, so in this blog we are going to tackle stage one and two of the adoption process.

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Alan Burnell Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

We are thrilled to announce that Alan Burnell, Co-Founder of Family Futures, has won the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and Zach Gomm is Runner Up for the ‘Adopter Champion of the Year Award’ at the National Adoption Week Awards.

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The theme for this edition of our newsletter is Positivity – we’d like to share with you some of the positive outcomes of the work we have been doing lately; give you an update on some of our forthcoming events & courses and introduce you to some new members of our team.  Click here to open our newsletter.


Re-establishing the balance to keep Children’s best interests at the centre of decision-making

There has been a lot of coverage in the media in recent months surrounding Adoption. The Government drive to promote Adoption has been widely publicised, from the provision of funds for the Adoption Support Fund (ASF); the recognition of the need to speed up assessment and matching; to the move to hold local authorities more accountable to improve efficiency and effectiveness. We have welcomed most of these changes and are pleased to see Adoption so high up on the political agenda.

But, at the same time as Adoption professionals, we feel frustrated that there is an obvious mismatch between the Governments’ drive to promote adoption and the judiciary’s stance in appearing to consider adoption as the last option, following the Re B-S case in 2013. In many cases, this viewpoint of the judiciary militates against what is in the child’s best interests – which is fundamentally what we are all trying to protect.

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Get involved with National Adoption Week

It’s National Adoption Week from 19-25 October, if you are an adoptive parent and want to get involved, visit the First4Adoption website to find out more:

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Managing Change – Starting School

We hope you have had a great summer holiday with your family, with the holidays soon coming to a close, we’ve consulted with our education experts again; this time to give you some advice and tips on how to manage the transition back to school; particularly focusing on children starting primary school and those moving up from primary to secondary school.

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Impact of Kids Company Closure

It is a tragic event when an innovative and well-funded voluntary agency set up to help the most disadvantaged children has to close. One unintended side-effect has been that because of allegations in the press of mismanagement and financial impropriety, service users, funders, commissioners and staff in other voluntary sector agencies have lost confidence in the probity of the rest of the sector. As a Voluntary Adoption Agency we are, like other Adoption Agencies, the most highly regulated and inspected type of agency in the sector. We are feeling something of the ripple effect from the closure of Kids Company. We hope this loss of confidence does not generalise out to the sector as whole which is well managed and whose limited finances are prudently spent.

Making a Difference

At Family Futures we don’t like to rest on our laurels; in fact I think it’s fair to say we just can’t sit still!   We’re always looking to see what we can improve on, in our endeavours to fulfil our promise of genuinely making a difference to the families we come into contact with.

That’s why I am proud to share two very exciting updates this month, the first relates to a research project we’ve commissioned which validates the effectiveness of our multi-disciplinary approach to therapeutic support; the second is that we’ve been awarded a Children in Need grant, to allow us to launch a scheme designed to help adopted or fostered young people aged 16 to 18 years old, to make a successful transition to adulthood.

So, let me tell you more….

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Working in HR & want to provide Adoption Information to your employees?

Given that Adoption has been receiving a lot of interest in the press recently and there has been legislative changes affecting adoption rights; we have compiled a useful presentation (click here) aimed at HR Managers who would like to provide their employees greater transparency and information on Adoption.

If you work in Human Resources and would like to partner with Family Futures to be your Adoption information provider, please contact us at

Could you become a Family Futures Adoption Ambassador?

We are looking to create our own network of Family Futures Adoption Ambassadors, to help spread the word about how positively life changing adoption can be when you get the right support.  If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or would like to find out more information, click here.


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