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Multi Family Support and Theraplay Groups

Do you have a newly placed adopted or special guardianship child? Are they between 3 and 8 years old?

Learn how to parent the Theraplay® way!

· Facilitated parent groups

· Facilitated children’s groups run by a Sensory Integration Occupational Therapist and a psychotherapist/ psychological therapist will run in our specially designed gym while the parent-only group is taking place

· Dyadic parent and child groups

How do the groups work?

The groups are for younger children in the early stages of placement. Each parent has an hour’s consultation before beginning the group programme and an hour’s feedback consultation post-programme. There will be 10 group sessions over a 6 month period.  Each group includes between 4 and 6 families (one parent and one child per family). It is possible to repeat the programme after the 6 months if appropriate.

How will this intervention help my family?

· an opportunity to share the challenges of parenting a developmentally traumatised child with attachment difficulties. Includes basic good parenting advice on sleep, toileting and food

· a creative free play experience for children. This non directive but structured play experience in our specially designed gym is both sensory-rich and arts-based

· a facilitated group led by a Theraplay practitioner and Theraplay assistants where parent and child can practice the Theraplay domains of structure, engagement, nurture and challenge in a fun and positive way

· snack breaks for parents and children together

· a mini Theraplay kit to encourage playing the Theraplay way at home.

Cost £5000 per family accessible via the ASF treatment funding (apply through your Local Authority or region)

Dates     10 sessions in May to October 2020

To register your interest or discuss further, please contact Family Futures on 020 7354 4161 or email us

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