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A letter to families and friends

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Dear families and friends of Family Futures,

Well we are all still in lockdown and although measures are being eased, concerns about the risks remain high and how things will progress in the coming months remain uncertain.

This is now the fourteenth week of Family Futures operating virtually. It has of course had its challenges but we are proud that we are still open and have managed to operate all our services virtually. Six months ago this would have been unthinkable whereas now it is a reality. We are thinking of when, and how, we will come out of lockdown but it is a slow and sensitive process as we need to keep everyone safe, families that attend Family Futures and the staff team too. We are therefore undertaking the first of a series of risk assessment processes and will keep you informed as things progress.

I wanted in this letter to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement and the worldwide protests about racism, discrimination and social inequality. We are living in extraordinary times. The global protests following the death of George Floyd, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, have brought to the fore extreme inequalities in different countries but also in different parts of the UK.  We are all responsible for making sure that all children grow up in a society where people are treated equally and fairly and are not discriminated against because of their culture or heritage.

In adoption and fostering, we need to think about how we can support BAME members of our community who are considering adopting or fostering a child. What needs to change in our services to make them more accessible to all? As a staff team, Family Futures is committed to educating ourselves and developing our services to ensure they meet the needs of all members of our community and reflect our rich and diverse culture in the UK.

Therefore, we are listening to and engaging with our staff team on issues relating to racial discrimination and social injustice and exploring what changes we can make to our services to ensure they are genuinely inclusive.

We are also wanting to engage with parents, children, young people and the wider professional network to see what changes we need to make at Family Futures so we would really welcome your views and ideas on how we can make sure Family Futures is inclusive and open to all.

The world has changed and maybe good can come from this. I hope so. The challenges are clearly going to continue so please continue to have compassion for yourselves and remember how hard this is, and how as a parent you are doing your best in extraordinary times. We are here if you need us and we will do all we can to support you and your children.

With love from Jay and all the team at Family Futures

25 June 2020

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