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Fostering support

More and more Foster Carers are saying to us that fostering today is more difficult than it used to be. Many reasons have been given for this but the most common is that children who are looked after today display more complex and difficult behaviours.

There is now evidence that children who have a bad start in life, one that was abusive or neglectful, have developmental difficulties throughout childhood if they are not given appropriate expert help.

At Family Futures we recognise that Foster Carers and Special Guardians are the people who can make a difference to these children. However, they may need fostering support and expert help is often required as well. As part of our fostering support, we offer a number of assessment, treatment and support services for Foster Carers, their fostered children and families that cover the following areas:

  • The child’s level of traumatisation
  • Their attachment difficulties
  • Any school related problems
  • Any health or developmental concerns

In addition we also offer regular training and mentoring for Foster Parents.

Contact us today to find out more about our fostering support services and how we can help support you. You can also call our advice line on 020 7354 4161.

Click here for training sessions for Foster Parents & Special Guardians.

If you would like to know more about how Family Futures can help you, please download our Consultation, Assessment & Treatment Service leaflet.

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