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Campaign for Sensory Integration treatment room

Family Futures is raising funds for children with sensory processing difficulties caused by abuse and neglect to get them the therapeutic support they need to heal and develop.

Cycling, running, walking…whatever you’re into, do a bit more of it for our sensory integration treatment room campaign.

One of the families we’ve helped explains why they are supporting the campaign:
“This organisation has meant the difference between surviving this adoption adventure and not surviving. We have been surrounded by their expertise, care, concern and support for the last two and half years and have learned how to be a new family… Over the next three weekends I will be walking around three London Parks for our fantastic Adoption Agency.”


About Sensory Integration Therapy – Jake’s Story

What are the funds raised for?

Find out more about Family Futures therapy services

Sponsorship pack – join in and help us raise funds!

You can use the sponsorship form below and/or create a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for our FFunvember Sensory Integration room campaign. Please read the information and tips below to help get you started.

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