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Family Futures’ response to adoption support questions raised by BBC File on 4 and Adoption UK’s survey

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It is vital that limited resources have maximum impact

Last week’s File on 4 programme and media stories highlighted some of the difficulties that many adoptive families are facing with violence from children to parents. This is a fact we’ve been aware of at Family Futures for many years. It doesn’t affect all families who adopt but a significant number.

We have developed a comprehensive programme of therapeutic support that deals with the underlying developmental consequences of neglect and abuse in infancy. Our multidisciplinary approach is shown in our latest research to bring about improvements in the child’s behaviour regulation, emotional difficulties, and parent and child relationships.

We agree wholeheartedly with Professor Jonathan Green, who said on the BBC’s File on 4 programme that such complex problems faced by many adopted children are beyond the scope of lone practitioners.

We applaud the introduction of the Adoption Support Fund and see the last two years as an introductory phase. The government are aware that they need to make changes to the way the grant is administered and are seeking advice from Adoption agencies and from adoptive parent organisations as to how best to do this.

It is vital that limited resources have maximum impact. For the next stage of the Adoption Support Fund, Family Futures would be in favour of a graduated approach to releasing funds which would reflect the degree of difficulties that families were experiencing and also reflect the changing developmental needs of children throughout their childhood.

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