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‘Being a Family’ – for parents, carers and special guardians

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Have you signed up to our parenting support programme starting soon? 

“Totally unlike any training content of any course I’ve done. New perspective/understanding of some behaviours. Easy to see how I could make some simple changes.”

Being a Family is a London-wide parenting support programme, aimed at the early stages of life as a family. It runs for 11 days spread over a 9-month period and offers peer-to-peer and professional support augmented by parent education workshops and consultation groups.

Workshop topics include: trauma and attachment, sensory integration, DDP (Dyadic Developmental Pyschotherapy), Theraplay & Somatic Experience, The Great Behaviour Breakdown, Adult attachment styles, relationships & support networks and a Neuro-sequential approach. The peer-to-peer support offered by We are Family includes local playgroups, parent support groups, family meet-ups, single adopters and prospective adopters groups.

Parent education programmes can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund. You need to make an application through your local authority adoption support service for this funding.

Being a Family information and booking page

Parent Education courses at Family Futures

To find out more or if you have a query, please contact Angela on 020 7354 4161 or email us.



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