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It is not uncommon for looked after and adopted children to exhibit behaviour and learning difficulties in their schooling.

These children can struggle to develop an internalised sense of safety so school can become a place of high anxiety for them. Their behaviour can become controlling and manipulative, they can be triggered into the primitive brain reactions of fight, flight or freeze, they can experience difficulties with organisation, planning and working memory and struggle to self-monitor i.e. to see their actions and behaviour as others perceive them. In contrast, sometimes traumatised children manage to hide their anxiety in compliant, people-pleasing behaviour; these children often experience difficulties but can be overlooked as they seem to manage. Family Futures offers education services to help with these potential difficulties.

Individual Learning Plans

As part of our initial child assessment teachers and schools may be asked to fill out a selection of questionnaires regarding the child’s performance and behaviour, our Education Consultant will review the questionnaire scores as well as examples of the child’s schoolwork. If there are any school related issues the Education Consultant will contact the school and arrange to do an in-classroom observation and meet with the teachers and SENCO (special education needs coordinator). The consultant will then put together an individual learning programme for the child, and support the school and parents in implementing this plan successfully.

Our Education Consultant offers telephone and email support for teachers, innovative teaching tools for children with attachment and executive functioning

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Formal Testing

We have a neuro-developmental psychologist who provides formal testing of IQ, memory, Executive Functioning and other cognative processes. Recent research has shown a proven connection between early abuse and sensory processing issues. These issues can cause children to experience difficulty with noise, touch, balance, fine motor skills and posture. All of these can impact a child’s ability to cope in a classroom. As part of our education services and multi-disciplinary programme we provide Paediatric assessment and Paediatric Occupational Therapy assessment, to evaluate and treat children for sensory-motor processing difficulties.

Contact Us today for more information on our education services and training and support services for teachers. You can download our Education Services Leaflet or Training brochure 2018 for more information.


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