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Covid-19 Emergency Support for Adoptive and SGO families

The government has announced a scheme to enable Regional Adoption Agencies and local authorities to provide emergency support for adoptive and SGO families with needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read more information about the Covid-19 scheme and the ASF here: the DfE press release, Adoption Support Fund-Covid-19 Scheme Guidance Notes (24.4.20) and ASF’s FAQs (26.3.20).

Read more below about our Covid-19 therapeutic support packages for families, creative arts therapy for young people, training webinars and online assessments:

Therapeutic Support for families

We are offering three different Therapeutic Support packages for adoptive and SGO families to be funded by the emergency Covid-19 fund:

  1. Sensory Integration
  2. Home education strategies and support
  3. Parent Support

Each package will run for 12 weeks and will offer weekly support tailored to the family’s needs including:

  • A video call or telephone initial parent session
  • A regular weekly video call or telephone support
  • Email support with specific strategies and additional disseminated information when appropriate

Each virtual support package costs £4000 and will offer support to families as described below. Please email us at, or call us on 020 7354 4161 to refer or discuss requirements.

1. Sensory Integration

Parenting and life at home are even more challenging than usual with the lack of normal routines to fall back on, isolation from family and friends and additional anxiety caused by the pandemic situation.

This package offers support for families who are finding their child’s sensory issues are brought to the fore by the stresses of the current situation and for families experiencing increased child to parent violence at this time.

Under stress a child with Sensory Integration issues may regress and become more needy, may become more sensitive to sound, noise and touch, or feel the need to be constantly on the move and become easily irritated and frustrated.

Family Futures’ Occupational Therapists have created this Covid-19 Sensory Integration package to help parents and carers embed sensory rich activities, to provide a sensory diet and routine for their child and to provide parent support to reduce stress on the family at this time.

2. Home Education Strategies and Support

School closures have increased the pressure on parents and carers who are at home 24/7 with a traumatised child. Tired parents and carers are stretched thin, working from home with financial, health and other anxieties arising from the current pandemic. Home schooling in these circumstances can be met with resistance and frustration and is adding to the pressures on adoptive and SGO families.

Family Futures’ Covid-19 Home Education support package will provide each family with strategies for home learning which are focused on the child’s particular learning and emotional needs. Structured learning tasks and free expression through drawings, stories and other creative activities aim to overcome emotional barriers to learning, promote self-esteem and family wellbeing.

3. Parent Support

This package offers weekly online therapy sessions for parents to consider how they are responding to and managing the situation individually, as a couple (if appropriate), and as parents. The sessions will offer practical advice and will be combined with a weekly online family session involving parents and children, working with their Family Futures therapists to play games, reflect on any difficulties, support and strengthen relationships, and explore how the trauma and upheaval of COVID-19 is impacting the family system.

Virtual creative arts therapy for young people

These are available as group or individual sessions. Please email us to discuss a package of tailored support.

Family Futures understands that fear and anxiety about the Covid-19 disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in children and young people. These emotions can lead to sadness, anger, or frustration and talking about them can be hard.

Our virtual creative arts package for small groups can help alleviate some of this distress and enable young people to express their anxieties and current experience of the virus though using art materials or virtual whiteboards that can be shared with the therapist. This package can also be translated into individual one to one sessions if the child or young person feels more comfortable with this and can support the child and young person with self care strategies.

Training Webinars

To order a recording of our webinars (excluding webinars for young people) please email

Dan Hughes Webinar for professionals – Identity and Heritage, 2 July 2020

Black Lives Matter – webinar for young people aged 13-15, 21 July 1.30-3.30pm

Black Lives Matter – webinar for young people aged 16-18, 22 July 1.30-3.30pm

Sensory Integration webinar for parents and carers, 20 August and 1 September, email to register interest

Online assessments


Our online assessment includes tailored video sessions, psychological screening questionnaires and a report which includes formulation and recommendations based on the child’s needs identified in the assessment. Further information about the Family Futures assessment can be found on our Assessment page.

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