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Commissioning agency

If you work for a Local Authority or are a government funded health service provider, Family Futures offers a range of services for children who have experienced early trauma and are living in birth families, foster care or have been adopted.

We are C4E0 accredited as a centre of innovation and excellence and provide a tier 4 specialist multi-disciplinary service for children who have attachment difficulties and have experienced trauma in infancy. We have a long tradition of Local Authority and PCT funding for our:

We know from experience that commissioners are looking for three things:

  • An effective service – Family Futures has a re-testing programme and evaluation programme which proves its effectiveness
  • Is cost effective – We know that we can keep placements stable and prevent disruptions and that our therapy is a cost effective alternative to other forms of expensive care
  • Swift delivery – We do not have a waiting list as we know that time is of the essence and that we need to move quickly. We can therefore respond within a timeframe required by commissioners

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