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Alan Burnell, our Registered Manager discussing support for families and the Adoption Support Fund on ‘File on 4’

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Listen to the File on 4 programme ‘Adoption: Families in Crisis’ 26/9/17 here

Alan Burnell said families need more long-term therapeutic support for children with complex needs.

“If parents aren’t properly prepared and supported through the adoption process and given therapeutic help, they will often end up in despair themselves and become traumatised because they don’t understand why their child is behaving like they are.”

Alan explains the Adoption Support Fund in the programme and he comments on the £5,000 cap introduced last year: “£5,000 can be enough for some families who need some parenting support or some limited therapeutic help, but for children with complex needs who have those needs into the future, it isn’t enough.”

“The danger is that one mistakes palliative care for curative care. There’s a lot of symptom relief but we really should be looking at long term solutions and the trajectory of the child throughout their childhood, not just a short term fix.”

You can find out more about Family Futures’ approach to adoption support and our assessment and treatment services here

Adoption: Families in Crisis

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