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Managing transitions during adolescence

Adolescence can be tough for young people, especially those who are adopted. We’ve set up the Young People’s Forum to support adopted children, aged 13-18, through their teenage years.

Our Young People’s Forum is a vital support network for our members,  enabling them to meet other adopted people in a relaxed setting. They say they find the forum “reassuring” and “comforting”.

The young people meet one Saturday a month to join in activities. These include creative arts, drama and bowling. They’ve also scripted an animation about bullying in school and have met the band members of Rudimental.

Supporting young people through adolescence

The Young People’s Forum is part of our Resourcing Adopted People in Adolescence (RAPA) project. This aims to help adopted young people make the transition from school to higher education or into employment. The project is run by Alex, a young ex-teacher, who helps young people to take their next step.

If you would like your child to join the Young People’s Forum, please contact Alex Soteriades, RAPA Project Worker, on 020 7354 4161.

Building confidence and life skills for adulthood

Many adoptive parents struggle to motivate and support their children with the transition to employment.

If young people haven’t experienced secure attachments in early childhood, they find it difficult to build life skills and independence. They need support and education to develop their confidence in financial management, housing and home living skills, diet and health, and peer relationships.

Can you help?

Are you an adoptive parent? Can you offer work experience or apprenticeships during school holidays?

The members of our Young People’s Forum are looking to build their confidence in the workplace.

We are looking for sympathetic adopters in the London and South East region who are willing to provide work opportunities for young adopted people. You may run an equestrian centre, a theatre or drama company, or work in the arts. Please contact Alex Soteriades, RAPA Project Worker, on 020 7354 4161, to find out more information.




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