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Social work

Adoption and Fostering are a significant area of statutory responsibility for local authorities. Family Futures has specialised in providing post-placement and post-adoption support to families and has pioneered the application of attachment theory and neuro-science to the field of family placement.

We are the first to introduce the work of Dan Hughes and Theraplay to the UK and continue to integrate the best practice of such experts in the field.

Family Futures offers:

  • A Consultation Service to Local Authorities – two members of our therapy team hold a clinic at the commissioning local authority where social workers, foster carers and adoptive parents can meet to discuss complex cases.
  • A Supervision Service- senior members of the therapy team are available to offer supervision to individuals and groups, both at Family Futures or at the recipients’ agency.
  • Child Assessment Service – our assessment covers the following areas:
    • How traumatised the child is
    • The nature of their attachment difficulties
    • Contact arrangements
    • Placement plans in particular, whether siblings should be placed together or not
    • Education and cognitive functioning issues
    • Whether there are Paediatric and/or sensory integration issues
    • Recommendations regarding support and therapeutic intervention
  • Child Therapy Service – that is designed to meet the sensory, emotional, behavioural and cognitive needs of the children taking part- our neuro-physiological Psychotherapy Programme covers all aspects of a child’s development. Adoptive parents and Carers are active participants in the programme which is generally collaborative. Commissioning agencies are kept updated on progress and our aim is to reach a point where local services can provide the level of support that the family require.
  • Recruitment of adoptive parents – for children who are three years of age or older. We are part of the pilot government sponsored programme ‘It’s all about me’, that guarantees comprehensive post placement support.
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