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Professionals working with children

For most professionals working with children, fostered or adopted children may be a small but significant part of your work. Professionals will be aware of how traumatised these children are and be familiar with their challenging behaviours and complex needs.

Family Futures is one of the adoption support agencies which has been recognised as a centre of excellence by C4EO for its innovative and pioneering work with looked after children who are fostered or adopted.

Family Futures can offer assessments and treatment packages which will ensure placement stability and enable the child in placement to optimise his or her potential. Our work is evidence based and integrates the latest theory and research in the field of neuro-science and attachment theory.

We also have specific programmes for:

Take a look at our training page, for training opportunities specifically for professionals working with children.

Contact us today if you would like further information on any of our programmes for professionals working with children or our work as one of the UK’s leading adoption support agencies. You can download our brochure for professional working with children here.

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