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Our Thera-Playathon Family Fun Day

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on Sunday 17th May, we hosted our very own Thera-Playathon Family Fun Day. A day dedicated to promoting the importance of Play and its role in building family bonds.

Families came in their droves to take part in an array of Thera-Play games, with the highlight being the Big Bubble Bursting Bonanza, which saw parents armed with soap bubble mix, tasked with blowing bubbles whilst their children had to burst them with elbows, knees and feet – it succeeded in creating a lot of laughter and hilarity!

As well as providing a great day of family fun for the community, all of the proceeds from the event are being donated to Family Futures’ Families in Crisis Fund, which aims to help families who feel like they’ve hit rock bottom to reach out for immediate help and support.

Alan Burnell, Registered Manager at Family Futures, said “it’s been a great day, I’m happy that we fulfilled our aim of bringing families together, providing fun activities for everyone to enjoy whilst also raising money for a worthy cause. And it’s particularly rewarding to see some of the families we have brought together through our adoption service fulfilling their dreams of creating loving, happy families and enjoying themselves as families.

Family Futures intends on partnering with National Children’s Day UK again in the future, in its attempt to continue to keep raising the importance of creating happy family environments for children today, tomorrow and beyond.

Family Fun Day - Bubbles

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