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Family Futures is a London based adoption and adoption support agency committed to providing comprehensive support every step of the way.  Whether you are looking to adopt, need post-adoption support, or are looking to attend one of our many training courses, our personal approach and commitment is what makes Family Futures so special.  Together we will work towards a better tomorrow, to find out more please click here to watch our video.

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Latest News

Pupil Premium for Children Adopted from Care

In 2014, some of the educational entitlements given to looked after children were extended to children who had left care through adoption, special guardianship order or child arrangements / residence order in recognition of their continuing level of vulnerability and need.  The pupil premium plus was one of those entitlements.

Schools are asked to record eligible children in the Spring (January) School Census which takes place on 21 January 2016.  The data from the Spring Census will inform the school’s allocation of pupil premium funding for the next financial year commencing in April 2016.

The Tell Tale Signs of Bullying & What To Do

In recognition of Anti-Bullying Week, we are raising awareness of bullying amongst adopted children and providing some advice on what to do if you suspect your child may be getting bullied.

Family Futures Awarded a Children in Need Grant

Helping young people transition to adulthood

We know from adopters, children and independent evidence that there is insufficient support for young people aged 16 to 18 in the UK that have suffered abuse and neglect in early childhood. At this vulnerable age, young people are making a difficult transition to adulthood and this lack of support has significant effects on emotional wellbeing, with increased likelihood of family breakdown, substance misuse, homelessness and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

That is why we wanted to launch our own Young People’s Programme, specifically aimed at addressing these needs, so we are thrilled that Children in Need have awarded us a grant to allow us to get this project up in running.

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