Adoption, Adoption Support & Child Therapy Services

Family Futures offers an adoption service as well as adoption support, advice and child therapy services to children who have experienced trauma or attachment difficulties. We also offer post-placement support to birth families, adoptive families, foster carers or special guardians. Our approach is child-focused and parent friendly.

Our aim is to make family life sustainable for children who have had bad early experiences. We understand how these early traumatic experiences can affect a child’s development .

Family Futures are pioneering adoption support services in the UK and is the only adoption agency in the UK that offers an integrated multi-disciplinary child therapy service which includes all aspects of child therapy.
Family Futures offers:

Adoption Support
Child Therapy
Post-placement Support


Let us help you to create a family…

Family Futures are looking for anyone who believes they or they and their partner can provide a secure and loving home, for a child who is over the age of three. Family Futures offers the highest level of support and a
wrap-around post-placement service for adopters. We pride ourselves on being an adoption agency for the 21st Century and have designed our service to meet the needs of the contemporary adopter.

This is Toby’s story, to speak to a Family Futures team member about adopting Toby or another child contact us today.

Family Futures is here to make adoption as easy as possible, providing support and advice for each new family. If you’re considering adoption contact us today to chat about the support Family Futures can offer you.

Post-Placement and Adoption Support

Our approach to post-placement and adoption support is to involve the family network, friends, local support resources and other professionals. We manage, maintain and orchestrate these resources to provide the best support services for families.

Our multi-disciplinary  team can offer a range of therapeutic interventions based on attachment and trauma theory and research that have been proven to help children who have been maltreated in infancy. We also provide parenting courses and a school and education focused service that collaborates with parents and teachers to help children optimise their potential.

If you believe that your child or a child you are working with as a professional may have experienced developmental trauma, has learning issues, attachment difficulties or you have any health or developmental concerns, contact Family Futures to arrange a consultation with our healthcare professionals. Family Futures has been validated by The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People’s Services. We also have an on-going re-testing and research programme that evidences positive changes in children who have engaged in our treatment programme.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all

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