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Family Futures is a London based, not for profit adoption and adoption support agency committed to providing comprehensive support every step of the way.  Whether you are looking to adopt, need post-adoption support, or are looking to attend one of our many training courses, our personal approach and commitment is what makes Family Futures so special.  We are here for you and together we will work towards a better tomorrow, to find out more please click here to watch our video.

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Latest News

Alan Burnell acts as Guest Editor for 'Adoption Today'

Alan Burnell, Co-Director of Family Futures, this month is the Guest Editor of ‘Adoption Today’, the very informative monthly magazine for adoptive parents.  The theme of this issue is contact and adoption, there are many interesting articles written by professionals and parents.

Below is our article on contact. Alan Burnell interviewed an experienced adoption team manager who gives her views and experiences on contact and adoption.

New Research Amongst Adopted Children Unveiled

New survey of adopted children reveals the vast majority feel safe, satisfied with their lives, and have an adult in their lives they can trust

A new survey commissioned by Independent Adoption Agencies throughout England amongst adopted children has revealed that they are positive about their future, safe, and that they have an adult they could trust in their lives who sticks by them through life’s ups and downs. In these respects, adopted children are more secure than their peers.

'How I Met My Son' by Rosalind Powell

‘How I Met My Son’ launched on the 11th February and is a compelling and inspiring story of a couple’s quest to become a family. It is a book about being a parent with a difference. Experts tell us that no amount of nurturing can make up for the formative experience of a child having been taken away from its birth mother. This book explores these beliefs, as well as other myths and realities, through personal experiences interspersed with comments and observations from experts and fellow adoptive parents.

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